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  • Why travel with Happy Go Travel?

    With dedicated team and many years of experience building unforgettable holidays, we are a travel companion with a difference. Best price & save time, Quality, Trustworthy service – Core Value, 24-hour on spot support, Conscientious, professional Consultant, Experience.

  • General Information about Vietnam

    Vietnam is located on the eastern Indochina Peninsula. It covers a total area of approximately 331,210 km2 (127,881 sq mi), Vietnam is large enough to have several distinct climate zones. The South has three somewhat distinct seasons: hot and dry from March to May/June; rainy from June/July to November; and cool and dry from December to February. April is the hottest month, with mid-day temperatures of 33°C (91°F) or more most days.

  • Happy Go Travel

    Our “Happy Go Team” are experienced specialists in the field of hospitality. Almost our employees have been educated from prestige institutions in Europe, Our team are formerly key persons from reputation travel agency such as Diethelm Travel Vietnam, Pacific World Vietnam …and we proud to have a wealth of experience and professional knowledge as local experts and be apart of your dream holiday.